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What is online TEFL?
TEFL international centificate example photoTEFL is the abbreviation from Teaching English as a Foreign Language. It is a methodology used to teach English to people whose first language is not English.

TESOL is the abbreviation from Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. TESOL usually describes teaching English to people living in an English speaking country who are not native English speakers. Teachers at ESOL courses sometimes also need to teach basic literacy and other life skills. Such skills are needed by, for example, refugees and immigrants. Some of them may not have high level of education or they cannot write in Latin script.

CELTA (Cambridge ESOL) and TESOL (Trinity College London)

Two official internationally recognised certificates are calledCELTA Cambridge logo
CELTA = the Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults (awarded by Cambridge ESOL)
TESOL = the Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (awarded by Trinity College London)

These certificates are generally seen as a minimum qualification to teach English as a Foreign Language in developed countries, however for many countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America you can teach with any other certificate. Sometimes your skills and character are more important than a certificate.

Both The CELTA and the Cert. TESOL can be taken full-time or part-time at centres worldwide. The courses are taken in class, however in 2011 Online CELTA was introduced, to help students who do not have enough time to come to the course. It is called "online", but in fact it is a blend of distance learning with teaching in a classroom. It is essential that you have a chance to practice what you have learned and you will also get feedback after your teaching.

If you dream to go abroad, visit the world while teaching English then this is the right place for you. CELTA and TESOL certificates are recognised all over the world and certainly you will also learn a lot and get a chance to practice before you get your first job, but there is just one problem with such courses. They are expensive. saving money for a TEFL course - logoBecause of this many people search for alternative courses. It is possible to do an online TEFL course that costs few times less than CELTA or TESOL. What is negative about online courses is the lack of teaching practice and therefore no feedback after your teaching. Also you have to remember that in most developed countries, particularly in Europe, an online course will not be accepted, probably, but it may depend on a school.

However, in such countries like Vietnam, Cambodia and probably many other countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America an online TEFL course in most cases will be accepted. There was even a funny story about a Polish man who went to Mexico and got a job as an English teacher. He introduced himself as John from the UK. He didn't have to prove who he was. He got a teaching job. So the choice of your certificate depends where you want to teach. You can always start with an online TEFL and get knowledge how to teach. After you gain experience in small schools and earn some money you can invest in a CELTA or TESOL course, if you need it. Some schools offer free CELTA or TESOL course after signing a contract with them for at least one year. However most people who already got a job with an online TEFL do not take any additional courses. They gain experience while teaching and feel that the knowledge that they gained from online TEFL courses is enough.

no money in pockets - photoSo still not sure what course is right for you? Start with an online TEFL. It is the cheapest and quickest option to be qualified an an English teacher. Sign up for an online TEFL course today and start working soon.

logo - TEFL course UniteflWhy not try a Unitefl course?
You can study online or in Thailand. After the course you can start teaching immediately. Cannot wait to move to the tropics? Start your course today and move abroad as soon as you finish your online course, or move to Thailand and study your TEFL course there. You will learn how to teach in the Thai environment. Get your job just after the course is finished.

Where do you want to teach?

Where do you want to teach? Vietnam - Ha Long Bay - photo
Where do you want to teach? Mexico- Chichen Itza - photo
Where do you want to teach? Thailand - Bangkok, Royal palace - photo
Vietnam - Ha Long Bay
Thailand - Bangkok - Royal Palace
Where do you want to teach? India - Taj Majal - photo
Where do you want to teach? Vietnam - tropical fruits - photo
Where do you want to teach? Indonesia - Eye dance - photo
India - Taj Mahal
Indonesia - Legong, eye dance
Where do you want to teach? Italy - Venice - photo
Where do you want to teach? Poland - Wroclaw - photo
Where do you want to teach? Laos - Vientiane - photo
Italy - Venice
Wroclaw - Poland
Laos - Vientiane
Where do you want to teach? Brazil - Ria de Janeiro - photo
Where do you want to teach? Cambodia - Angkor Wat - photo
Where do you want to teach? Egypt - Giza - photo
Brazil - Rio de Janeiro
Cambodia - Angkor Wat
Egypt - Cairo